Interchange – Spring 2011

The Clearing – a meditative retreat center

The Clearing, a gift to RFM from Louise Whittington, is situated in a peaceful, natural forest setting located within an hour’s drive of Richmond. Since its inception in 1983, The Clearing has hosted numerous retreats, scout gatherings and personal respite experiences for persons looking for a peaceful wilderness setting for reflection.

This year, RFM’s activities at The Clearing are plenty. RFM hosted its Winter Retreat there on March 12, where we gathered to reflect on attentiveness to the Spirit in nature. Joy Heaton, our facilitator, used the works of Mary Oliver as a springboard for meditation and discussion.

In addition, RFM has planned to conduct four Silent Retreats, scheduled around the seasonal changes. The first is on Saturday, April 9, honoring the vernal equinox. Others are planned for June 22, Wednesday, summer solstice; September 24, Saturday, fall equinox; December 21, Wednesday, winter solstice.

BYM youth will spend a working weekend at The Clearing on April 1-3 to assist with chores and enjoy fellowship.

For this year’s Spring Retreat, planned for May 27-29, RFM will host Friends from Asheville, NC Friends Meeting who will offer “Interplay and Deep Quaker Worship” at The Clearing.

To learn more about these events and The Clearing, please visit our website:

Our Best Wishes…

The committee for Care and Council is delighted to announce two weddings in April under the care of Meeting at a Meeting for Worship. On Saturday, April 16, Mike Jeffrey and Anne Atkins; and on April 23, Anna Best and Michael Hulburt, will be married.

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